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06 April 2006 @ 06:21 am
The state of Java development environments  
I have been so spoilt using IntelliJ IDEA. I hadn't realised quite how bad all the free IDEs were in comparison.

Eclipse looks kinda powerful and has lots of plugins and industry support, but it's so fugly I can't bear to use it for more than a few minutes. I think Mac OS may crash just to get away from it. It probably feels dirty.

Netbeans looked very promising. I downloaded the 5.5 preview, which looks like an inferior, less-featured rip-off of IntelliJ. It worked nicely but I came across one really annoying problem - the build I had forced me to specify a classpath per Java source directory. This wasn't helpful, because my source and test source is split across multiple directories and I really didn't want to find all AppFuse's JAR files umpteen times and add them to the source for each one. The checkbox was there to disable this behaviour, but it was shaded. No idea why. So then I downloaded the 6.0 nightly build. Another 60MB later, it starts and then immediately quits. Maybe that's not ready for primetime yet. So now I'm on the current release, 5. We'll see how I get on with that.